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You’d Eat This Healthy Too if You Had to Walk Around Naked All Day.

Pets are amazing, aren’t they? They’re protectors, pest controllers, table scrap disposers, bed warmers, exercise buddies and therapists, and yet they still find the time to be excited when you come home every day. To reward that devotion-and to ensure they’ll always have the energy to be your best friends-shouldn’t you be feeding them the best food available? Something made with fresh, human-quality meat, whole, fresh fruits and veggies, and a blend of vitamins and minerals designed to keep them going at optimum capacity well into their golden years?

Lotus Natural Pet Food is all that and more. Lotus foods are made with all natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Lotus is also holistic, which means all our ingredients are in their most whole, natural form. From the fresh chicken to the whole grains like brown rice (no corn or wheat here!), we’ve got it covered. How do we pack all this goodness into a tiny, tasty kibble? The secret is baked-in goodness™. Lotus is slow-baked, not extruded, which naturally preserves its bounty of nutrients, as well as its delectable taste, without the need for artificial preservatives or sprayed-on flavor.