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Fate. Karma. Destiny. Call it what you like, but the end result is the same. It is true that one day - just an instant - can change your life.

Cloud Star was founded during an evening date between newlyweds Jennifer Melton and Brennan Johnson. They didn't understand at the time - in fact, it wasn't until many months later - that a trip to the animal shelter would change their lives forever. It wasn't long until the couple realized that their newly-adopted shelter puppy, Samantha, suffered from food allergies, a sensitive stomach, and was a finicky eater. Lesson: love-hungry shelter puppies need lots of love.

The search was on to find a diet that would satisfy Samantha's finicky palate and yield to her many food allergies. After unsuccessfully trying many commercially-available treats, Melton began making Samantha's treats at home. Buddy Biscuits were born. Melton then began baking more treats for animal shelter bake sales. And more treats. The response was overwhelming. And more treats. People would call requesting more. And more treats.

And now, many years later, the original formula, with the help of many grateful tasters, has blossomed into a company whose mission is to provide tasty and wholesome products for pets everywhere.

The home kitchen has long been outgrown... although Melton and Johnson are still sampling treats off the line every day (along with Samantha and her more recently adopted furry sister, Nala), Buddy Biscuits are now manufactured in a fully-automated process. That's not to say that love isn't still baked into each batch. There is love. Lots of love.