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Born Free

Founded in 1949, Middle West Pet Foods Inc has always existed with their mission statement; quality is our most important product. Creating Born Free is the inspiration of the third generation of this family business. We have the knowledge and contacts of over 60 years within the pet industry to come to the market with some of the finest quality foods today.

We have been working closely for years with a similar family owned plant with experience in producing quality pet foods and treats for generations. They have intricate knowledge of foods and processing with a very hands-on approach to production. We like to refer to them as the "Micro Brewery of pet foods".

Middle West Pet Foods Inc would not have existed as long as they have if not for their family values of business being passed down through the generations. As pet owners, we assure you that you are purchasing food prepared from the freshest meats and vegetables. We also assure you that the production methods are performed by companies sharing our values in quality and commitment.