Middle West Distributor's Wholesale Site
Middle West Distributor's Wholesale Site

This Web site is dedicated to a companion who is always there for us, a companion we trust and who gives us unconditional love-our dog or cat.*

Pets don't ask us for much. They need plenty of water, proper nutrition, and a well-defined course of discipline. The love and attention we provide comes easy-and our pets respond with their loyalty and affection. (You can't find this kind of give-and-take just anywhere: you feed and shelter them and in return they contentedly snooze in your favorite chair.)

Our assumption is that if you have found your way to this Web site, you really care about your pet. Our focus is on the health and welfare of dogs and cats, and we'll provide you with information, advice and opinions from devoted professionals in the pet industry, as well as access to products made by other dedicated companies like us.

We think good nutrition-a combination of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals-is the foundation of life itself. It's a pretty serious responsibility to be the custodian of your pet's health, and it is our intention to deliver information to you in a convenient way so that you can make educated decisions that will enhance your pet's well being.

Sometimes in our modern society we think it's a good idea to engineer new products, with the well-intended belief that we are improving on what's already there. The foundation for the products displayed on this site is this: Simple and natural worked in the past, and it still works. Getting back to basics is better for your pet than using a product that doesn't contribute to his health or performance. It's our goal to assist you in your commitment to the happy and healthy life of your pet.